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G’day everyone, my name is



English, Spanish, Sign language.

Australian Accent | Native English speaker.


I am 64 living in Australia. Hence, my novel opening using Aussie slang.


I have been teaching for 40 years.  Next year, will be my final year of teaching before I retire. However, I do not want to retire so I am thrilled to be part of this new online platform as a secondary English and EAL [English as an alternate Language] teacher.


I have a strong belief that all people can be taught as long as the teacher is prepared to make the classes enjoyable, interactive, and most of all applicable to the student’s needs.


TEFL Certified

1+ years experience


TEFL Certified

20+ years experience


Degree in Childhood Studies

19+ years experience


TESOL/TEFL Certified

15+ years experience


You can directly pay and book for one to one online session with Paul here.

I have worked in many countries as an ex-pat teacher, taught at universities, colleges, schools for the deaf, and even primary schools. I like a challenge and am not afraid of hard work.

My Qualifications 

Bachelor of Arts in English, Biology, and Spanish.

Diploma of Education in English and EAL.

Bachelor of TESOL.

Masters in Health Science in Sign Linguistics.

 Preferred age groups   12 years and above.

My Availability   I am available through out the week, including weekends. I am available afternoons to evenings.

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