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Spelling game - Transportation (b/w)

Spelling Game - Transportation (color)

Colors - Spelling Game

Spelling Practice - fill in the blank (b/w)

Spelling Practice - Happy Easter Color

Happy Easter Worksheet (b/w) - 3 pages

Happy Easter Word-search - color

Happy Easter - Fill in the Colors

Color Me - Running Bunny

Color Me - bunny with eggs

Color Me - Easter Bunny & Eggs

St. Patrick's Day Spelling Game - b/w

St. Patrick's Day Spelling Game - color

My Family - Spelling Game (color)

My Family - Spelling Game (b/w)

Spelling Game - Chinese Zodiac Animals (b/w)

Spelling Game - Chinese Zodiac Animals (color)

The Hot Penguin Worksheet (color)

The Hot Penguin Worksheet (B&W)

Year of the Dragon - Greeting Card (b/w)

Year Of the Dragon - Greeting Card (color)

Chinese New Year Worksheet - 5 pages (B/w)

Complete the Dragon Maze b/w

Chinese New Year - Label the Pictures (Color)

The Naughty Spider Worksheet - 2 pages

Writing Practice - Jobs

Writing Practice (Days of the week, jobs, colors) - 3 pages

Writing Practice - The Days of the Week

Writing Practice - Colours

Halloween Worksheet

Mid-Autumn Festival Worksheet - 4 Pages

Ganesha Worksheets

ABC Worksheet - Upper and Lower case

Color the Clothes - Little Yellow feels Cold

Happy Father's Day - Greeting card and Poem

Flash Cards - One Day in a Fairy Tale

One Day in a Fairy Tale
(6 Pages b/w)

A Pet in the Bread - Level 2

A Pet in the Bread - Level 1

The Little Red Hen

Earth Day Mobile

Earth Day Coloring Sheets

6頁復活節工作紙 Easter Worksheet

Happy Easter Worksheets (6 pages B/W)

Happy Valentine's greeting card (A5)

Happy Valentine's Greeting card (A4)

Valentine’s Rhymes (b&w)

Valentine’s Rhymes (color)

Happy Valentine's DIY Greeting Card

CNY Activity Book (Level 2)

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