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Hello, my name is


 English language teaching, ESL, creative studies.

British Accent | Native English speaker.


United Kingdom

I have 19 years of experience working with children. I have worked in a variety of childcare settings, nurseries, pre-schools, international schools, learning centers, and primary schools.

I have an interest in working with children who have autism and have worked with individual children who have autism.

I am a strong-willed individual who loves teaching. children soak learning up like a sponge and I love being part of their learning journey. 



TEFL Certified

20+ years experience


TESOL/TEFL Certified

15+ years experience


TEFL Certified

1 + years experience


Bachelor of TESOL

40+ years experience

I love traveling and had the chance to work abroad. I met so many amazing people and worked with some fantastic children. I am a very creative person in the way I teach and love creating during my lessons.


I am a strong believer that children learn through the way they play and children should have the freedom of being taught and also the way they play. My degrees taught me that children all deserve a pathway to learn in any country and we as teachers are able to help guide them in their journey. 

I would like to teach English to the children and am able to provide craft activities to the children. I love reading stories too and would love the children to listen whilst I read. 

 My Qualifications  

Degree in Early Childhood Studies.

Ba Hons in Early Years Education.

Diploma in Childcare and Education (Level 3).

 Preferred age groups   Early Years 3-5 Years and also 6-7 Years. 

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