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Hello, my name is


English/German writing, Grammar, Phonics, Speeches, Test preparation in either language.

America Accent | Native English speaker.


I have Fifteen years of ESL teaching experience mostly in Asia. I believe in building a strong relationship with students and meeting them where they are in their learning without putting pressure on them.


I love to celebrate their successes, even the smallest progress to motivate them.  Watching them grow and learn is an exciting experience for both of us. 

I love to be well prepared for all my lessons and put in a lot of thought as to how I can reach the outcomes required of them. 




Degree in Childhood Studies

15+ years experience


TEFL Certified

20+ years experience


TEFL Certified

1+ year experience


Bachelors of TESOL

40+ years experience

I am also flexible to suit the student’s mood and energy level or make time for interesting topics or last-minute homework problems that might come up.


I am bilingual and can teach either English, German, or both.  

I love both teaching second language learners and working in their writing and allowing them to create their own stories.  I also like to let them draw their pictures to their stories or draw a picture and tell a story about what they drew.

My Qualifications 

Psychology degree.

TESOL/TEFL Certificate.

Preferred age groups   3 to 6 years old and Secondary. 

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